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Happy New Year!
Please join us for some exciting programming on the website and on the blog, celebrating Black History Month 2015 and beyond.

Welcome to the Hands On Black History Museum!

In addition to our online resources, the Hands On Black History Museum has a series of traveling displays that can be set up at schools, churches and other organizations. Please contact the museum at this email address for more information.

Please explore the online museum for information about our mission, how to contact us, guest speakers and updates for the virtual museum.

To view pictures from the museum, flip through my Flickr here.

To receive updates on the museum, visit my blog here.
"You can grow up to be anything you want, if you put your mind to it."

The Hands on Black History Museum is a creative  collection of everyday items mixed with historical treasures that have had a profound effect on American Culture.

The museum encourages visitors to explore through reading, listening and creating.

The museum was created by Deborah Nelson Linck, elementary school educator, to help children, fellow educators, and parents explore the many ways African Americans have contributed to the rich history of our country. What started as a small collection has blossomed into a large exhibit of books, videos, music, posters and memorabilia.
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